You’ve likely heard of the Nobel, Oscar, Grammy and Ballon d’Or awards… These are recognitionsfor science, the arts, and sports, but did you know that there are alsokitchen- related accolades? At EFOODTRAINER we loveeverything that has to do with food; that’s why today we want to tell youwhat the most outstanding prizes in gastronomy are.

Many chefs and restaurant owners dream of gaining awards that increase theirinternational recognition, but to achieve this, they mustattract the attention of great critics and stand out for more than just their food flavors.

To gain recognition from the most important gastronomic organizations in the world, they must also present innovative proposals andmaintain very high standards of quality and good service.

If you’re a high-end cuisine lover, read on… We’ll provide you with a summary of the most important gastronomic awards in the world– we’ll tell you how they work and share some restaurants that havehad the pleasure of getting those recognitions.

Michelin Stars


Maybe you have heard that a restaurant has been awarded several Michelin stars. It sounded like something very important, didn’t it? Well, it is, since this is one of the oldest and most prestigious distinctions in the world ofgastronomy.

The Michelin Guide was born in 1900 as a brochure full of advertisements that were distributed to people who bought products made by the French brand Michelin. That’s where this name comes from.

Across the United States only 14 restaurants have 3 Michelin stars

20 years later the guide began to include information about restaurants and it began to evaluate their quality using a star rating: three (***) for exceptional restaurants that deserve to be visited, two(**) for those with excellent cuisine and one (*) for those who have an excellent kitchen within its category.

This system remains in place and each year it is used to qualifythe best restaurants in the world. To determine the number of stars that a restaurant deserves, the judges eat in them as if they were ordinary diners, and after, they write a report with the details of their experience.

Currently, the chefs with the most Michelin stars include: Alain Ducasse, with 22 stars; , Gordon Ramsey, with 17; Martin Berastegui, with 10; Thomas Keller, with 7; and Yoshihiro Murata, also with 7 stars.

Are you curious about which restaurants in your city are recommended by theMichelin Guide? Here you can find out


Photo: ZAGAT

This is another of the most outstanding prizes of gastronomy.

Unlike Michelin, Zagat is a gastronomic guide that recognizes thework of America’s best restaurants.

This award was created in 1979 by Tim and Nina Zagat, who got tired ofnot finding helpful reviews about restaurants. They asked 200 of theirfriends to fill out a survey to tell them their opinions about thebest-known restaurants in New York. This is how the first Zagat guide was born.

Currently, these awards have a more modern and digital approach. Zagat describes its website as a platform to discover restaurants to go to. Their online guide provides reliable, efficient and fun reviews to read.

To evaluate the quality of restaurants– several aspects are considered: food, décor and service. So, if you’re looking for good restaurants in the United States, you can visit the Zagat portal tofind one near you. Reviews include high-end cuisine offerings in over 30 cities!

James Beard Foundation


The James Beard Foundation is a non-profit organization basedin New York. According to their website they seek to celebrate, nurture and honor leaders within the realm of food culture.

His awards focus not only on cooks and restaurants, but also onother areas that drive gastronomy. That’s why its main categoriesinclude: top chef, top restaurant, top cookbook and bestrestaurant leadership, among others.

This variety of approaches has made newspapers like The New York Times refer tothe James Beard Awards such as the “Oscars of the Food World.”

To participate in these awards, people must enter the websiteFoundation’s official website and look for the requirements within the category in whichthey want to compete.

The world’s 50 best restaurants


This award is given annually and is awarded to restaurants invarious regions of the world.

The jury is made up of more than 1000 culinary experts, includingchefs, restaurant owners, food journalists andinternational foodies.

The Top 50 is one of the most important awards in thecurrent cuisine and it’s a beginner’s favorite inthe world of gourmet food.

Although the best-known list is the Top 50 Restaurants in the world, theorganizers have created additional series to promote the diversity of culinary experiences around the world.

For example other awards include: The Best 50 talks (which includes information on the best lectures andlive culinary demonstrations), The 50 Best Restaurants in Asia andLatin America, The 50 Best Bars, and the Next 50, which encompass up-and-coming young people who are bringing brilliant ideas to gastronomy.There’s even a list called Best of the Best, which contains restaurantsthat have made the Top 50 list for several years. Two restaurants in the United States stand out: Eleven Madison Park in New York and The French Laundry in Yountville.

Did you know any of these gastronomic awards? If you lovehigh-level cuisine, you know these awards will serve as a compass forfinding great restaurants very close to you. And if they’re not too far, it’s worth putting them on the list of places to know in 2021!

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