Whether for economic, political or health reasons, in 2020 we were prevented from enjoying one of life’s great pleasures: traveling and discovering new flavors. If you are already dreaming of returning to travel and do not know which countries to include in your next trip, we’d like to share 6 gastronomic destinations to know in 2021. They are spectacular!

Travelling is about opening the mind, the heart and… the mouth! Travel lovers know that the experience is not complete until they try a destination’s typical dishes.

For this reason, a true foodie organizes their travels according to their palate. Today, we’d like to lend you a hand and tell you which countries of the world are best known for their delicious gastronomy.

We anticipate that these places not only stand out for their flavors, but for their culture, beauty and their people. They’re all really amazing destinations!

Are you ready to test the world in one bite? Here we go…

1. Italy

This is a beautiful tourist destination due to its historical and architectural value. However, that’s not this country’s only charm.

Who likes Italian food? Pastas, pizzas, risottos, sauces… The flavors of that country are so pleasant to the palate that there is no corner of the world where they don’t try to replicate it.

Olive oil, basil, mozzarella and tomato are usually present in Italian dishes.

If you want to try authentic Italian cuisine, in the place where it was born, you must travel there and delight in the country’s dishes and drinks.

The most prominent Italian cities that stand out for their gastronomic richness are Rome, Milan, Venice, Bologna and Naples. The latter is recognized for being the place where the famous Neapolitan pizza was created.

2. France

French cuisine has become a reference for world cuisine; that is why we could not fail to include it in our list of “gastronomic destinations to know this 2021.”

This type of cuisine stands out for its use of high-quality ingredients and for its sophisticated and innovative preparations.

In France you can find everything from restaurants that have been awarded the most outstanding culinary awards in the world, to small bistros that serve dishes full of flavor.

What foods should you try if you go to France? Cheeses, foie gras (duck liver or goose), filet mignon (beef fillet, gold on the outside and juicy on the inside), the classic baguette and steak frites (grilled steak with fries).

And if you love sweets, try macarons, crepes, Saint Honoré cake and Eclairs (cream-filled buns).

Fact: Paris ranks No. 3 in The World’s 100 Best Cities ranking, which considers aspects such as quality of life, people and prosperity.

3. Japan

Japanese cuisine stands out for its fresh and healthy ingredients. While sushi is the most well-known Japanese dish, Japan’s gastronomic offerings go much further.

What can you order in Japan? Ramen (noodle soup to which you can add meat, fish or vegetables), tonkatsu (breaded pork chop) and soba (noodle dish). Although they are very different flavors than what we are used to, they are rich and comforting.

Fact: Japan is one of the most sought-after destinations by Americans and Canadians by 2021. Without a doubt, this country is a futuristic gastronomic destination, that’s beautiful and quiet. It’s one that you should not miss.

4. Spain

Spain is also one of the gastronomic destinations that you cannot miss out on in 2021. Above all, Catalonia and the Basque Country are places that are recognized for obtaining important culinary awards.

Spanish food stands out for its use of local ingredients, its mixture of flavors and its abundance. A very important point, isn’t it?

What can’t you miss while you are in Spain? It depends on the city you visit, but in general, they recommend ham, seafood, paella, omelets and wines.

5. Thailand

For several years, the world began to take an interest in Thai cuisine. This is because Thailand’s gastronomy fuses flavors in a fascinating way.

Thai cuisine stands out, because in a single dish you can try a mix of acidic, sweet, sour, salty, spicy flavors. Thai dishes also use many seasonings. The result? An exotic and unique preparation.

During your time in Thailand, be sure to try Pad Thai (fried rice noodles with shrimp or chicken, vegetables, eggs, sauces and other ingredients).

Special mention: Colombia


In the 2020 edition of the World Travel Awards, Colombia was named the “Leading Culinary Destination in South America”, a title that had previously been held for 8 consecutive years by Peru.

Colombian cuisine is very diverse, and combines the flavors typical of Spanish, mestizo and African culture. If we talk about ingredients, in this country, they usually use a lot of rice, potato, cassava, corn, beef, pork, fish and seafood. Ah! It’s also impossible not to mention the variety of tropical fruits that Colombia has to offer, including passion fruit, banana, papaya, and mango… We’ve become hungry!

If you go to Colombia in 2021, we suggest you try ajiaco, paisa tray, arepa and sancocho.

These are the amazing gastronomic destinations that we recommend visiting in 2021. Which one caught your eye the most?

Whatever your choice, remember to ask locals for information about the best restaurants, or you can look for a gastronomic tour that shows you the best that the cuisine of that city can offer. Have a good trip and bon appetite!

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