Streaming services have tons of content for foodies. Some shows make us hungry, while others make us think a bit more about what we eat. For this post, we wanted to discuss our top 5 favorite Netflix series that are guaranteed to “up” your appreciation for food.

It should be noted that this post doesn’t include cooking contest programs (because, truth be told, we feel they deserve a separate post.) Instead, we wanted to highlight shows that are interesting and provide thoughtful content about gastronomy (which, as you’ve probably discovered, we’re truly passionate about.)

Keep reading to discover EFOODTRAINER’s top 5 recommended Netflix series for foodies.

1. Rotten

Photo: Netflix

This series narrates where and how foods such as chicken, milk, avocado, garlic and honey  are produced in various parts of the world. The most interesting thing about this series is that it shows us the social and economic conflicts around production systems, to the point of making us wonder: what happens to food before it reaches our table? Rotten is certainly not “just another” Netflix series about food. It is a controversial proposal that shows power struggle behind many of the foods that we consume daily.

Release year: 2018.
Number of seasons: 2.

2. Salt, fat, acid, heat

Photo: Netflix

What makes a meal delicious? That’s question that Chef and writer, Samin Nosrat, tries to answer in a series inspired by her book of the same title. 

Nosrat’s theory is that by balancing 4 basic elements: salt, fat, acid and heat, you can create incredibly tasty dishes. To test her theory, she travels to fascinating places throughout world to meet with experts, cook, and talk about food.

If you’re interested in learning to cook, this series will teach you how to improve your food prep techniques. Nosrat and a group of cooks are ready to share their secrets!

Release year: 2018.
Number of seasons: 1.

3. Somebody feed Phil

Photo: Youtube

Somebody feed Phil is gastronomic tour with a touch of comedy. In the episode “Food for Phil”, Philip Rosenthal travels the world to satisfy his desire to experience new foods and enjoy every bite to the fullest. Rosenthal’s personality easily wins over viewers— which makes him the perfect travel companion. A true foodie, Phil eats everywhere from modest street food stalls to prestigious restaurants. If you are a lover of tourism and gastronomy, Somebody feed Phill will teach you about various cultures through their flavors.

Release year: 2018.
Number of seasons: 3.

4. Cooked

Photo: Netflix

How much do we know about cooking methods influence flavors? Michael Pollan’s goal is to help us find out. In this series, the renowned culinary critic and activist enters the kitchen and explores how fire, water, air and earth, have transformed how we prepare and consume food. Polland reminds us that the way we prepare food has defined civilization, and that we must not lose sight of the fact that food is a way for us to connect with the planet. Cooked also invites us to value foods prepared with traditional methods over processed ones. 

Release year: 2016.
Number of seasons: 1.

5. Food on the go

Although this isn’t a series, this documentary is a must-watch.  Released in 2017, Food on the go tracks the migration of Italian cuisine– and how various Italian foods have evolved in American culture.  The film makers show viewers how wonderful it can be to appreciate food from a country that’s thousands of miles away. Throughout the documentary, you’ll learn more about the migrants who brought Italian cuisine to the Americas, along with how Italian recipes have evolved in places such as New York and Buenos Aires.

Release year: 2017
Duration: 1h 6 min.

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