For many the kitchen is the heart of the house, the space in which the food is prepared every day and where the family spends a lot of their time. Precisely for this reason, this should be a functional, comfortable and even cute environment. Today we will tell you about 5 decoration styles to have a magazine-worthy kitchen.

Decoration styles are ways to decorate spaces, following a number of guidelines that are usually associated with a social-cultural context. They are very useful because they work as a guide when choosing all the elements of the decoration: colors, materials, furniture, and ornaments, among others.

Here we will tell you about 5 very popular decorations that will make your kitchen one of the most beautiful spaces in your house. We hope they will inspire you when it comes to changing the look of your kitchen!

1. Minimalist style

This is one of the styles of decoration that has gained the most followers in the recent years. The minimalist concept proposes to live only with the essentials, keeping the space with this style of decoration simple and with clear lines.

Features of the minimalist style:

  • Very few elements
  • Basic colors: white, black, grey
  • Free space to move
  • Materials: cement, marble, glass, metal
  • Furniture with clean and mostly straight lines 

For some, the minimalist style can be considered “cold” or over-thought out. If you feel this way, you can try to decorate your kitchen in a style that interior designers have called “warm minimalism”.

This new style keeps the rule of using only the necessary elements, but also incorporates colors such as beige, ochre, or brown, perfect colors to convey tranquility and warmth!

An additional difference between warm minimalism and standard minimalism is the warm style allows you to decorate with furniture of curved lines to create the effect of movement and adding objects of wood and natural fibers counteracts the hardness of materials such as marble or cement.

The first step in improving a kitchen’s appearance is to keep it clean and tidy.

2. Modern style

A common mistake is to think that modern style is based on what is currently being used, but that is actually the premise of contemporary style.

Modern décor refers to what was seen as “futuristic” in the mid-20th century. Therefore, we will see that in this style the materials that were created and implemented between 1920 and 1950 are used.

Features of the modern style:

  • Few accessories and very discreet look
  • Lots of natural light and white artificial light
  • Open spaces delimited by furniture
  • Simple furniture with smooth surfaces and straight lines
  • Materials: plywood, steel, glass and plastic
  • Neutral colors (white, beige, gray, black) and cheerful colors, but in its purest form, without nuances or patterns

In this type of decoration “less is more”, so it closely resembles the minimalist, but not as strict.  Do you notice the similarities?

As we told you earlier, in modern style light colors are dominant, but dark colors or striking colors can be used on specific elements so that the space does not look monotonous.

In a modern kitchen, the most important thing is that everything has a practical use. Unlike other styles, there’s no problem with an unadorned wall or surface.

When talking about aesthetics, everything should be very subtle. For example, there should be almost no gaps between furniture.

Without a doubt, one of the most impressive things about the modern style is that more than 100 years after its birth, it is still used for its practicality and beauty.

3. Industrial style


This style has become very fashionable, especially in lofts, bars and restaurants. Thankfully if you love urban environments, you can also have it in your kitchen.

The industrial style is inspired by the factories and warehouses of the 1950s. Therefore, it seeks to show the spaces as they are without pretense. For example, if you have beams in your kitchen, a concrete or brick wall without covering, installations, open tubes or pieces with imperfections, you can leave them in view. They will only add to the decoration!

Characteristics of the industrial style:

  • Colors: brown, black, grey and white
  • Natural-looking wood or metal furniture
  • Kitchen utensils in sight on shelves or hung on walls
  • Materials: aged wood, cement, wrought iron, brick, leather, steel
  • Chrome metal, glass, mud, or wood accessories that look worn or used

To give your kitchen an even more industrial look, you can add in metal hanging lamps,  stools or metal chairs  (such as the Tolix) or  some  vintage ornaments, paintings or posters, such as those you would see in an old factory.

4. Rustic style


The rustic décor style inspires a lot of warmth because it represents a house in rural areas.

If you love nature, simplicity and tradition, this may be the style of decoration you want for your kitchen!

Features of the rustic style:

  • Large furniture that is solid and comfortable
  • Rough-looking handcrafted pieces
  • Wildflowers and plants
  • Very natural colors such as: brown, green, beige, gray, blue, black
  • Natural materials: mostly wood, unchanged stone and fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool

For rustic decoration to be a success, every element must be associated with nature, so forget about plastic, metals or man-made looking items.

Wood should be the main feature and if you worry your kitchen will look too brown, experts recommend combining with white walls or light-toned accessories to create contrast.

5. Nordic style


This final style of decoration was born in the countries of northern Europe in the twentieth century. Therefore, we will see that its characteristics adapted to the needs of the population of that region and time period. 

Currently the Nordic style (also known as Scandinavian) is one of the most used in homes in the world because it creates simple, beautiful and functional spaces.

Nordic style features:

  • Functional furniture, soft lines and without ornaments
  • Light colors on walls, floors and furniture
  • Lots of natural light or good artificial lighting
  • Natural materials: copper, brass, white marble and above all wood in light tones
  • Colors such as pale pink, blue, mint green for accessories (carpets, tablecloths, kitchen towels)

Nordic environments should be simple, welcoming and inspired by nature. Therefore, in a kitchen of this style cannot forgo plants to give freshness and life to the house.

Some people find this style of decoration ends up being too white, but that effect can be balanced using contrasting prints, paintings or embellishments. The prints that are most commonly used in the Nordic are natural motifs and geometric designs. 

We have arrived to the end of this magazine-worthy kitchen tour through some of the most used decoration styles.

Certainly you have noticed that many have elements in common, so decorators tend to combine different styles to achieve a unique and special decoration, which meets the tastes and needs of their customers.

Today we have only presented 5 of the most popular decoration styles, but there are many more: vintage, romantic, shabby chic, mid century, japandi, farmhouse and the list goes on.

Send us a note if you would like us to do a second part of this article and we will tell you how to arrive at a magazine-worthy kitchen with it!

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