More often due to the pandemic people are encouraged to make meals at home to celebrate their special moments. However, when it comes to love, it seems that expectations are increasingly higher, and some couples do not know how to organize a dinner in their home.

Today we will share 3 key notes to organize a great romantic dinner at home in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary or any important date. Once you read these short notes, you’ll only need a little wit and a good dose of inspiration to create a nice romantic experience for two.

1. Delicious food

This will be one of the most important points of dinner! If you want to surprise your partner, do not tell them what you will cook beforehand; just make sure there are dishes you both like and don’t include ingredients that you might be allergic to.

A good menu option should include an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

As an appetizer, salad always works well because they are easy to prepare, needing only fresh ingredients and a good dressing.

For the main course, many couples choose pastas or recipes with chicken because they are tasty, easy to create, and most people like them. 

When talking about dessert, anything and everything goes: a classic ice cream, bits of fruit with chocolate, cream or caramel, pastries, or even a freshly made candy.

If you both like to cook, you can make dinner together. In this case there will be no surprise factor, but you can share a nice moment together and work as a team.

If neither you nor your partner are foodies, you can always order food at home. Before this could be seen as bad taste; however, times have changed and ordering  a delivery service has become one of the most practical and common alternatives when it comes to eating at home.

Of course, no romantic dinner is complete without a delicious drink. Depending on your tastes and the type of food you’re eating, you can choose something with or without alcohol.

Among the favorites for an evening as a couple are wine, champagne and cocktails with fruit juice. No matter what the choice is, make sure it has the right temperature when you serve it for a perfect evening!

2. Romantic decoration 

If you’re planning a romantic dinner at home, you can’t overlook the décor because it helps to create atmosphere and differentiate a special occasion from a daily meal.

Here are some elements that can’t be missing from your table décor if you want it to be memorable:

  • Beautiful and well-placed table setting

A nice and well served/organized table is the first indication that dinner promise more than an average meal. Therefore, you should carefully choose all the elements that go on the table and pay special attention to the way you place them.

Here’s a guide to how to set the table for a special meal:


  • Colors associated with love 

If you want the décor to be romantic and passionate, you must include red elements, while being sure not to overdo it so that it doesn’t look like a Christmas dinner!

If you would like to go a romantic and tender route, you can play with colors like white, beige and pink. Of course if you or your partner have a favorite color, be sure to add in those elements to add a special touch.

In order to make the décor look more sophisticated, be sure to include metallic tones such as gold, silver or bronze. Cutlery, under plate mats (also known as individual tablecloths or base plates) and chandeliers look very striking in these colors.

When decorating the table, you can also use personalized details, such as photos, cards with loving phrases, items with the initials of your partner or moments that remind them of their relationship

  • Flowers

Flowers are must-have for romantic decorations and setting the mood!

You can sprinkle rose petals on the table or create an arrangement of roses or your favorite flowers in a vase for the centerpiece. Be sure the vase isn’t too tall, so you and your partner can see face-to-face over dinner.

Other floral ideas include using other flowers, decorating the table with a eucalyptus garland or arranging small containers or vases with seasonal plants.

When decorating the table for romantic dinner, the most important thing is to make all the elements look harmonious and pleasing. There is nothing worse than a table full of objects that clutter and don’t match, which ending up hindering rather than enhancing the experience.

3. Intimate and welcoming atmosphere


Last but not least is setting a romantic atmosphere for your dinner!

Have you gone to a restaurant while the food was delicious but you didn’t enjoy the experience because you were uncomfortable with the noise, lighting or smells?

Those are all environmental factors that can detract from the dining experience. Therefore, when organizing a romantic dinner at home you need to create the ideal atmosphere to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Here’s how to use 3 basic elements to generate the atmosphere of a romantic dinner:

  • Smell:

While we all love a pleasant aroma, when planning a dinner it is important to use complimentary scents because its fragrance can be mixed with the smell of food and become unpleasant.

If you’re uncomfortable with the atmosphere being overtaken by the smell of food, you may use flavorings whose aroma is very mild and keep the place well ventilated. Also, remember that the flowers of the table decoration will serve as a natural smell enhancer.

  • Music:

For the start of the evening, you can choose soft music at a low or medium volume. This will serve as a relaxing background to the conversation you have while eating.

If you know the musical genres your partner likes, surprise them by playing some favorite tracks or a concert recording.

After eating, depending on how you feel, you can play more moving and meaningful music.

  • Lighting:

If anything characterizes a romantic dinner, it’s intimate lighting. If you can dim the intensity of your home lights, perfect! Adjust them to create a welcoming atmosphere, allowing you and your partner to avoid distraction to focus on what they eat and look at each other.

Another element that cannot be missed in a romantic dinner are the candles, preferably unscented. Put them on the table as decoration and you will complete your creation of a romantic atmosphere.

That completes the end of this blog. What did you think of our recommendations?

If you decide to organize a romantic dinner at home, we suggest you adapt these ideas to your liking and budget. Remember that the success of a romantic dinner is not in following formulas or spending a lot of money, but in taking care of the details, knowing the tastes of you and your partner and playing with the surprise factor.

Finally, don’t forget that the most important thing is that you celebrate love in your own way. As long as you keep enjoying each other’s company as your first priority, we are sure that you will have a good time and dinner will be a success! 

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