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“Why do I drink alcohol? Because no good story starts with, I was eating a salad.”

Charles Bukowski.

For centuries, bars have been a meeting point where people gather to have fun. Today, while these places are full of history and tradition, they’ve also become an important piece for gastronomic, cultural and tourist development. For this post, we wanted to highlight 2020’s top 10 best bars in the world in 2020.

The World’s 50 Best is among the most important culinary awards. In addition to rewarding the most outstanding restaurants each year, this organization also gives a recognition to the 50 best bars.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced many bars to close, that did not prevent the awards from happening, as the evaluation period they used ranged from January 2019 to March 2020.

At EFOODTRAINER we would love to review all the bars on the list; but due to time constraints, we’ll focus on those who made the coveted Top 10.

Are there Latin American bars in the top 10?

Read on and find out…

Top 10: World’s Best Bars 2020

1. Connaught Bar (London, England)

According to the more than 500 experts who make up the jury, this is currently the best bar in the world. So, write it down on your 2021 food destination list!

The organization decided to give this recognition to the Connaught hotel bar because of its excellence. The concept of this elegant place has evolved every year without losing its essence. That’s why it still attracts so many cocktail lovers!

Cocktail recommended by The 50 Best: Magnetum (whisky and sherry).

2. Dante (New York, United States)

Dante Bar / Photo: DANTE

This is an Italian-style café that opened its doors more than 100 years ago. Since then, it has been renewed to seduce subsequent generations. Its most recent achievement was being named the best bar in the world in 2019.

In 2020 the bar has nearly repeated the feat but stayed at No. 2. However, there is no doubt that Dante is a place to enjoy (day or night) the flavors that New Yorkers of course love. The bar also serves very good coffees, pastas, snacks and cocktails.

Cocktail recommended by The 50 Best: Garibaldi (Campari and orange juice).

3. The Clumsies (Athens, Greece)

The World’s 50 Best highlights the quality of ingredients this bar uses in its dishes and cocktails. In particular, it highlights the use of Greek products that ends up giving a familiar touch to each preparation.

The Clumsies had already been on the list of the best bars in the world; but this 2020 the bar reached its highest position, No. 3.

Cocktail recommended by experts: Oh, My Mama (cider made with a variety of Greek apples, rum and spices).

4. Atlas (Singapore)

This is the best bar in Asia in 2020 and it can be found inside the iconic Parkview Square building.

This bar has a collection of spirits known as the best in the world and it features approximately 1,300 brands of gin. Are you a fan of this drink? If so, you know where to visit if you go to Singapore.

On its website Atlas Bar is described as a place that can be great, but not unattainable. Quite the opposite! Its creators strived to create an elegant, warm and welcoming destination where drinkers feel welcome.

Cocktail recommended by those who know the most: the classic Martini.

5. Tayer + Elementary (London, United Kingdom)

Tayer + Elementary Bar / Photo: ANDY PARSONS

This bar stands out for two reasons: its futuristic (and at the same time relaxed) atmosphere and its use of seasonal ingredients, both in dishes and drinks.

Its name lives up to its two ambiences: Tayer is its bar or, rather, a luxurious cocktail boutique; while Elementary is the area where cocktails are served through a quick service.

Cocktail recommended by The 50 Best: Jasmine Mai Tai (rum, orange curacao, Muyu Jasmine Verte made by themselves, almonds and citrus).

6. Kwant (London, United Kingdom)

The atmosphere of this bar seems as refreshing as your drinks.

It is a 5-star tropical bar that’s set in the 1940s. That’s why its decor, which includes rattan chairs, palm trees and colorful wallpaper, is so picturesque. Simply set foot in Kwant and you’ll travel back in time and enter a space that resembles a classic film set.

Cocktail recommended by The 50 Best: Hacienda (tequila, vermouth, fermented purple carrot with lacto, fine sherry, mezcal, agave nectar and lemon juice).

7. Atlantic Flower Shop (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Atlantic Florería Bar / Photo: JAVIER PIERINI

This is the best bar in South America and its owner, Renato Giovannoni, was awarded Bartender de Bartenders 2020.

The name of this place is fitting because this is an underground bar located in the basement of a flower shop called Atlantic. So, in Atlantic Flower Shop you will not only find a bar, but also a shop of station flowers, books and gastronomy products.

The concept of the bar is very cosmopolitan, ideal for those who want to have fun and try drinks that pay homage to the flavors that immigrants brought to Argentina.

It is difficult to recommend a single drink in this bar, as it offers everything from American cocktails to European wines, without leaving out the classic drinks with gin that the English made fashionable in America.

8. Coa (Hong Kong, China)

This is a temple for those who enjoy drinking agave, the famous plant from which you get tequila.

Coa owner Jay Khan was inspired by his trips to Mexico and he decided to create a bar that has a collection of more than 180 handmade spirits. So, if you’re in China and you like a little tequilite, this is the bar for you.

Previously, this bar was ranked 49th in The World’s 50 Best rankings and in 2020 peaked at number 8. What do you think about this jump in raking? Not bad, ha?

Cocktail recommended by The 50 Best: La Paloma de Oaxaca (white tequila, mezcal, sprim, lime juice and grapefruit soda with umami worm).

9. Jigger and Pony (Singapore)

Singapore is once again on the list of the best bars of 2020, this time with the Jigger and Pony bar.

This place stands out for its creative cocktail menu, professional service and friendly atmosphere.

And what makes their cocktails so special? They are created by a very diverse team, which includes everything from world-class mixologists to local pastry chefs and chocolars.

Cocktail recommended by specialists: Crystal Ramos Gin Fizz, an interesting interpretation of the classic cocktail with gin.

10. SG Club (Tokyo, Japan)

Visiting SG Club is quite an experience as it looks like 4 bars in one because it has its well- differentiated environments.

At the entrance to the bar, you can enjoy Japanese drinks and cocktails that made its owner famous.

Afterwards, there is a quiet area with very comfortable seats for drinkers who take their time. Then there is an area for those who enjoys smoking cigars while drinking and another more casual where it is worth drinking cocktails in plastic glasses.

Fact: this is the first time this bar has been in the ranking.

These are the top 10 bars in the world 2020, what did you think? If you want to know what’s on the rest of the top 100 list, visit the official site of The World’s 50 Best Bars. Cheers!

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